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Gift Buying Tips For Kids
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Why are some Kids Birthday Gift Ideas a hit and some Kids Birthday Gift Ideas a flop?

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Finding birthday gifts for kids or coming up with kids birthday gift ideas can be difficult. This is one of the best tips we know; DO NOT buy clothes! A typical mistake people make is buying a child clothes. If you want to see disappointment on a kids face, clothes will do it. If you do want to buy them clothes; take them shopping and let them pick out what they want. Style and fashion is very important in their peer group according to Psychology Today.

Kids want toys, games, electronics and gadgets. With video games being so popular with kids, it is easy to make the wrong gift choice unless they tell you a specific game to buy. Why? Because a boring game will never be used; and they probably have the games they really want already. So what do you do? A great tip here is to see what they do when not playing video games. Do they enjoy Legos? Do they like to take things apart or tinker with their bikes? Do they enjoy puzzles or like to watch you cook? Do they ask you for the time or love to pretend play? Do they like crafts or decorating with glitter? When you see what they enjoy buying a birthday gift becomes an easy task. Here are a few of the birthday gift ideas for kids we feel they will love.

We all know this kid, Tim, the timekeeper. “What time is it?” “Is it lunch time yet?” Or ”tell me when it is 3 o’clock”. The perfect birthday gift for any kid who likes to keep track of time is a watch. A watch that is also a toy is two gifts in one; so, our Lego watches are great birthday gift ideas. Kids love Lego Toys and a Lego watch with action mini figure has to be the best idea to come along in a decade. We carry Storm Trooper, Darth Maul, and R2D2 from the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars. These are not ordinary kids watches. They are build your own watches with additional colored links to customize the watch band in any style you like. The watch face is an illustrated image of a Lego mini figure. The two links around the face feature standard Lego studs for attaching the additional Lego elements that are included. Add the studded bezel and attach additional Lego pieces for your own unique look. As an added plus these are water resistant watches to 150 feet. What could make a better birthday gift for a kid?

Perhaps you know this child, take apart Mark! Mark wonders how things work and how things are put together. Perhaps, one of the most important gifts you could ever give Mark is a building set. Opening a child’s mind to structural engineering, architectural design, or mechanics could become their life calling. Now with modern designs, colors and plastics, Erector sets are fast becoming great gift ideas for kids again. Also, great for anyone who loves gadgets or tinkering. We feature Erector sets from the Space Chaos collection, Silver Force and Dark Pirates. Lego sets are always a hit; and we have Lego Alien Conquest and Lego Racers. Lego sets never go out of style; and are classic birthday gifts for budding builders you know.

For pretend play, girls love our Princess Dress up Sets. These adorable sets include pretty tutus, butterfly wings, princess wands, tiaras, and more. Also, perfect for girls are musical ballerina jewelry boxes, hair accessory kits, and our Hello Kitty Gift Sets. What little girl doesn’t love Hello Kitty? These gift sets have items for creative play, pretend play, and even Hello Kitty cosmetics. We even have a Hello Kitty puzzle that comes in a cute lunch box.

These days, all kids love electronic toys and gadgets. Whatever their interests, we have something for everyone. For the budding detective we have Spy Gear Capture Cam which develops creative thinking and allows a kid to practice their photo taking skills. We carry electronic Talking Golf which allows kids of all ages to play like the pros. For RC enthusiasts we have remote controlled combat helicopters, Air Hogs stunt motorcycles, and Excalibur monster trucks.

For creative kids who love crafts we carry themed sticker books from Melissa and Doug. The boys or girls sticker books are perfect for kids who like to decorate. These sticker books are huge and feature hundreds of stickers that kids are sure to love. These sticker books are also great for scrapbookers! Crayola Doodle Penguin makes a terrific birthday gift for boys or girls who like to draw. Use this imaginative toy to draw pictures to color, dot-to-dot, puzzles, tricky mazes, and lots more fun kids art projects. You can find all of our kids gifts on our Gifts for Boys and our Gifts for Girls pages.

Hubcaps and Gravy has birthday gift ideas for boys, birthday gift ideas for girls, birthday gift ideas for kids from toddlers, preschoolers to preteens. We have baby gift ideas and gift ideas for kids of just about any age! Do you have trouble finding just the right gift; or need help with gift ideas? Browse gift ideas for kids to get great gift ideas; or email us to tell us a little bit about the gift recipient. We will be happy to make some suggestions for affordable gifts. We hope our Birthday gifts for kids and great kids Birthday gift ideas page will help you find a great birthday gift for that special boy or girl in your life.

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